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    Ok, I undertand that this is a very basic question, but MODX is just baffling me, don’t understand how to make a wider design then the ModxHost page that is demo for the program.

    I mean I have been making HTML sites some years ago and MODX just leaves me dumbfounded.

    How can I make a index.html page and publish it????
    How to make a wide table on that page that almost reaches the side of the screen, of how to do that with ccs.
    Am nog familiar with ccs at all.
    Don understand how the specific details of the pagelayout are created.

    In other words just so many question from a newbe HTML user.
    • How have you been making HTML sites if you are not familiar with CSS?

      This may be helpful. http://www.sottwell.com/how-templates-work.html
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        The core principle with modern web standards design is the separation of content from the presentation. You need to learn how not to rely on tables, cells, spacer gifs, and inline style code in your pages. Before you begin using MODx I would get familiar with building clean, static XHTML pages using the minimal amount of code possible. All your presentation goes into your external CSS file.

        Here is a great source for learning CSS: http://www.w3schools.com/css/

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          I will second that. If you are not comfortable with using both HTML and CSS, you might find MODx very difficult and you won’t get the most out of it as a CMS platform. MODx is very powerful and flexible, but it won’t hold your hand with regard to HTML and CSS.

          You can see the site in my sig (especially this page: http://bobsguides.com/porting-your-site-to-modx.html) to get a sense of whether MODx is right for you at this point in your development. If that page doesn’t make sense to you, MODx will be a challenge for you.
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            Its worth studying CSS. I think CSS is by the most useful skill in all of web development and design. Of course knowing how to create good markup (html or xhtml code) is all integral with creating CSS. But CSS is there in all of the content management systems and modular platforms. Any time you change the presentation of a page you will be dealing with CSS. Its a great skill to have.

            You can avoid knowing or using CSS and still use a content management system (CMS) but you will be limited to the themes or templates that are available with that system. Wordpress has a large theme library system so that might be a better choice for you. Wordpress is a great blog system and has a larger following than MODx. Just this week I went back (have not used Wordpress in some time) and looked into what it takes to build your own theme from scratch and deploy it with the latest version of Wordpress. Wow! Its complicated. Creating a template design (a theme if you will) is so much easier in MODx. But there are tons of good looking themes available to Wordpress users. If you really need a custom built from scratch theme and want to do it yourself then MODx is the way to go in my opinion.

            CSS is not that difficult to learn. Its easy to learn the basics. Its hard to become a master at CSS though. This involves building a graphic design (with Photoshop or Illustrator) and creating each little thing with an eye to how the markup and CSS will handle everything. Its sort of like playing chess and thinking four moves ahead. I hated tables based design but love CSS.

            Hope this helps!
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              Well thanks Susan, Photowebmax, BobRay,

              So looks like I need to learn some css programming.
              Following all your given links, thanks for the detailed info, it helps

              One more question, how do I get my own avatar picture in my profile (personalized picture)
              For now I choose Bob Marley... when I was young I enjoyed his song: Getup Standup... tada
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                Looks like you got brother Bob working for you...