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    This is not my first Modx Site. The other two work fine, but I am somewhat of a novice at ModX and the programming side of websites in general. So I need things explained as easy as possible. wink I have been battling Tinymce for days. I have been up and down the forums, and nothing has helped.

    Basically, I have the path set to my CSS (absolute) in the Configuration, my CSS selectors are written in. I have the CSS path in the head of my template. I have ’custom’ checked and the editor is "on".

    But when I go onto my "page" to format the text in the editor, I can’t. I select it, and choose my "class" and nothing happens. Everything else in the editor works, I can change the font size, the color font, but my "Classes" do not work. I need them to work.

    Can anyone tell me what I may have done wrong? Have I missed a step?

    Let me know if you need any other infos from me.

    Thanks in advance for any help you may offer.

    • Keep in mind that TinyMCE is only working with your content area. So if your template has something like this
      <div id="wrapper">
          <div id="middle">
              <div id="main">

      Then your CSS is like this:
      #main p.warning{color: red;}

      giving a <p> tag in the editor the class of "warning" won’t make the change, since TinyMCE is not aware of the div containers at all.

      You may have to adjust your main .css file, even to the point of adding some classnames or IDs specific to the TinyMCE container elements themselves.


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        Thanks Susan.

        Here is the thing. I got so frustrated yesterday, that I reinstalled everything, and then did it all step by step, checking the Editor each step to see where the problem was.

        As always, it turned out to be something incredibly stupid on my part, but I will share my stupidity in case anyone else is "stupid" like me. *smile*

        As soon as I placed in my CSS selectors, everything broke down, I had typed a period in front like this out of habit - LeftSideBarTimes=.InfoLeftText;Quoter=.Quoter;Times=.Times;Orange=.Orange;SmallerTimesOrange=.TimesOrange;LargeTimesOrange=.TimesOrangeHeadline;SmallCaptionText=.caption;Text_Form=.text_form - and I should not have. It says it right there, but until the moment I saw it, my brain was doing its own editing every time I had read it. Argh!

        Oh well, everything works now. C’est la vie.
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          Got it. Glad you got it sorted out.

          As a guy who makes really dumb mistakes on my own its great to see that you revealed what you had done wrong. This "coming clean" is really useful for others who will follow in your footsteps and make the same mistake.

          What really bugs me is people who generate long threads about some frustrating issue they are experiencing but then conclude the whole thing with a short "um, got it working - never mind" and thats it. OK, what did you actually do/find to resolve the problem? This leaves no solution for others to explore down the road....