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    just today i stumbled upon something that might be a Firefox bug in 3.0.5 - probably with an Add on resp. extension. When running Firefox in safe mode (firefox.exe -safe-mode), it’s working and it’s way faster. Didn’t find out yet which add on is hurting.

    That said, in FF 3.0.5. TinyMCE in backend and frontend of Modx doesn’t display content in the WYSIWYG edit area, even not in HTML view. But the content IS there, document preview shows that it is.

    This is affecting several MODx sites and installations I manage. This is true for the Windows Version of Firefox 3.0.5., running XP SP2.

    The Javascript error console says there is "h is undefined" in tiny_mce/plugins/media/editor_plugin.js. But thats’s only true with add ons activated.

    Firefox on Mac and IE7 on Windows are not affected.

    Anybody else? shocked
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      Quote from: hgw at Jan 31, 2009, 07:50 PM

      But thats’s only true with add ons activated.
      What add-ons? One of our systems here is Win FF 3.0.5 and we’ve never had this problem. We have several installations as well as other 0.9.6.x variants.
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        I think this is not something to do with Firefox only.

        Currently I am having the same problem with my client sites. I am using Firefox 3.5beta anda Safari 3.2.1, and also has tested with firefox 3.0.10 vista dan IE 8.
        The content invisible in RTE. I tried to install FCKEditor but it’s still invisible.

        If I turned off RTE in the configuration page, the content are visible, and I think there is no problem with its tags. All are valid x/HTML.
        If i turned on RTE again, the content will be invisble, but if I preview the content, it’s displayed on the preview tab.

        Please look into this, and reproduce it. This is serious bug. I have looked on the forum and googling for answer. So far no luck.
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          I can confirm I am seeing this as well - FF 3.5 and Mac Leopard - completely screws the viewport unless you then just resize the browser window and all is well again.

          I can also recreate this on the TinyMCE site demo examples sad