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  • How to give the same permissions for TV-widget RTE as of QuickEdit RTE on the front end?
    1. I think of code filtering e.g. object, embed, [[snippetcalls]] are gone on save. Even if I’m logged in both as manager and web user.
    2. I think of the resource browser which opens up for web users but doesn’t list files.

    I know my client who is the only content editor of his site and I trust him to give the permission to add any content on the pages via NewsEditor.
    (By the way the snippet call to put was to be nothing more than AjaxVideoBox [tt][[vid? &id=`videoID` &s=`yt`]][/tt] for embedding videos.)
    • >:( How can I be that stupid?!
      It is NewsEditor that wipes out the code from the posts...

      However, I still don’t know how to get the resource browser to show the files that are in files/media/images/flash folders.