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    I agree, its great to hear about this as well.
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      Anyone who is interested at all in this plugin, please send a note to the WPro team and let them know. The more interest they hear the more they will develop the plugin for ModX. One thing i love about where this is going is that there are now some very nice affordable plugins for ModX that help bridge the gap.
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      • I just bought a copy of the plugin for ModX. The downloadable beta zip for modx does not contain the latest release and wasn’t working in Safari. I emailed support and got a really helpful response. You have to download the Wordpress version and copy the sub-folder in wysiwgPro3 called wysiwgPro and overwrite the same folder for the modx version. After that it is running the newest version and works in Safari.

        It looks good so far. I would like to get away from a full wysiwyg interface, but the process of including links with downloads (such as pdf) proves to be too much to try and teach clients.
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          Maybe off topic, but does wpro let one replace the break tag with clean p tags?
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