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    Hello, all. As we continue to explore the MODx world, we would like our content creators to move from word processors to creating content directly in MODx. However, we need a spell checker.

    I was surprised to see little discussion of the subject. I see that there is a plugin on the moxiecode site but assume that if it is not bundled with TinyMCE in MODx there must be a reason. I did not see anything in the repository. What does everyone do for spell checking (and even better if possible, grammar checking)? Perhaps I’m braincramping and it’s staring me right in the face but I don’t see it. Thanks - John
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      Came across the same issue but I found a solution today. If you’re acquanted with php it shouldn’t be hard to follow the manual I just wrote on http://wiki.modxcms.com/index.php/TinyMCE#Integrate_TinyMCE_spellcheck, if you’re not it shouldn’t be that hard either.

      If it doesn’t work, please say so or edit the wiki with your solution. It requires a small hack so putting it in the repository might be an issue, the functionality for not having to hack could be put into the TinyMCE plugin.
      • OR...

        Firefox has a built-in textarea spell checker.

        It may be that most people forget in the dev world forget that people in the business world use IE and it has no native spell checker.

        Personally, I have always found that checkers in TinyMCE or FCKeditor type applications always have problems.
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          Alas, the Firefox spell checker does not seem to work within TinyMCE or FCKEditor. I’ll have to give nmweb’s solution a try when I have a chance. Thanks - John
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            Sorry to bump this old thread, the question arised from a client and I realized indeed the built in browser spellchecking doesn’t work even in plain text mode with modx textareas ( huh ).

            Anyone has noticed this ?

            Edit : I have tried the integration with TinyMCE it doesn’t seem to work for me... digging...
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              The googlebar spell checker works in text areas but not in Tiny (as long as you are not paranoid about google seeing what you are typing..google is the new big brother (as in George Orwell, not the stupid tv show)). The issue with Tiny is that it is behind some JavaScript so the spell checkers don’t see the text.
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