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  • Hi,

    I made a website with 4 languages (dutch, french, german, english)
    There is a contact form in the 4 languages.

    I use the following eForm call
    [!eForm? &formid=`contactForm_(yams_id)` &to=`test@test.com` &tpl=`contact_(yams_id)` &subject=`Contactform website`  &debug=`0` &report=`contactreport` &language=`(yams_mname)` &thankyou=`contact_thanks_(yams_id)` !]

    But there is one annoying issue.
    the validation is ok for 3 of the 4 languages !!
    only in dutch we recieve an English error message:
    Some errors were detected in your form:
    The following required field(s) are missing: Achternaam, E-mailadres, Geslacht, Uw vraag

    Can somebody point me to a solution for this
    • Check the Dutch language file for eForm; it needs a translation for that. Compare assets/snippets/eform/langs/nederlands.inc.php with the english.inc.php file and you’ll see that the line for $_lang["ef_validation_message"] is missing from the nederlands file, so it’s defaulting to the english one.
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      • Susan,

        The language file and the entry you metioned are present

        $_lang["ef_validation_message"] = "<div class=\"errors\"><strong>Er zijn fouten gevonden in uw formulier:</strong><br />[+ef_wrapper+]</div>"; 

        So it must be something else undecided