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  • This works:
    1.) <img src="[*phx:input=`[+grote-afb_en+]`:phpthumb=`w=130&h=85&zc=C&q=85`*]">
    or <img src="[*phx:input=`[+grote-afb_nl+]`:phpthumb=`w=130&h=85&zc=C&q=85`*]">

    This doesn’t:
    2.) <img src="[*phx:input=`[[YAMS? &get=`tv` &from=`grote-afb`]]`:phpthumb=`w=130&h=85&zc=C&q=85`*]">

    I get an phpthumb error, if i look at the source, 1. is okee, 2. is not, because it grabs the wrong tv, it grabs the tv of the page where i am and not the "ditto" one:
    1.) <img src="/image.php?src=assets/images/dummy.jpg&amp;w=130&amp;h=85&amp;zc=C&amp;q=85&amp;hash=d5b7291aa8bc0edea4d20eee88ff4676">
    2.) <img src="/image.php?src=assets/images/agenda/agenda_b.jpg&amp;w=130&amp;h=85&amp;zc=C&amp;q=85&amp;hash=e1515fa7d60f267fa993f2b5913b1aa0">

    My ditto call:
    [!Ditto? &parents=`[*id*]` &total=`99` &showPublishedOnly=`1` &orderBy=`menuindex ASC` &noResults=`` &tpl=`overzicht-inhoud`!]
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    • hi,

      have you tried
      <img src="[*phx:input=`[+grote-afb_(yams_id)+]`:phpthumb=`w=130&h=85&zc=C&q=85`*]">

      don’t know what exactly you’re doing (i do not use phpthumb) but it may be a solution (actually, it’s one i use in different occasions smiley

      Have swing
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      • nope that didn’t work:
        when i add:
        <img src="[+grote-afb_(yams_id)+]">

        then in the source:
        <img src="">

        when i change it to:
        <img src="[+grote-afb_en+]"> or <img src="[+grote-afb_nl+]">

        then in the source its ok.

        Changing my dittocall didnt help either,
        [!Ditto?extenders=`@FILE assets/modules/yams/yams.extender.inc.php`

        maybe some config of yams i dunno.
          Evolution user, I like the back-end speed and simplicity smiley
        • Hi,

          sorry, often afk those days...

          in order to be complete for yams to know everything it needs, your ditto call must also contain &id=`(yams_id)` &language=`(yams_mname)`, that’s to say
          [!Ditto? &id=`(yams_id)` &language=`(yams_mname)` &extenders=`@FILE assets/modules/yams/yams.extender.inc.php` ../..

          have you tried with that kind of complete ditto/yams call ?

          Hace swing
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