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  • Hi,

    i’m running into a "funny" issue with custom TVs with YAMS. I’ve all sorts of TVs and they all work fine, whether they are monoligual (one name only) or multilingual (toto_fr, toto_en)
    YAMS recognize them very well and displays the monolingual ones in the general tab and the other in their respective language tab

    this sound terrific except when it comes to custom TVs
    no matter i make a monolingual one or one for each language, YAMS keeps displaying the TV in the général tab, well not that annoying, i could deal with this, but displaying
    the tv ouptput from my phpfile
    the same tv output

    simple test, i changed this tv type into text/textarea/date and so on, everything works fine (monolingual in general tab, multi in the languages tab and no yams params display), changed again into custom input, samething again

    i’m currently diving deep into YAMS to try to understand why it doesn’t "know" what custom TVs are and where to "tell" it but if ever you knew before i find out, you’re very welcome smiley Susan ? laugh

    Have swing
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    • hi,

      found a way to deal with it but a way i don’t like very much even if it seems to work quite well

      i’ve commented those two lines (268,269)
      $modx->documentObject = $content;
      $custom_output = $modx->parseDocumentSource($custom_output);

      in MODx manager/includes/templvars.inc.php

      surprisingly enough my TV keeps working very well and no more YAMS params are displayed in the manager output...
      it seems to imply that $modx document object and YAMS are conflicting with each other at this very moment and, my TV keeping working, a monolingual one in the general tab, makes me wonder what those lines are for...

      waiting for better solutions if there are (probably a little evolution of YAMS tv managing will be necessary)

      Have swing
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      • Maybe this solution from witq is a bit better (patch of yams.plugin.inc.php)