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  • Hi again !

    Everything is in the title.
    yams.config.inc.php rights are chmod 600 and I’m not the owner of this file (and only this one !)... So I can’t change the rights (or I don’t know how to).

    It’s a problem for me as I make a backup of the site everyday with a scheduled task using a FTP connection and I can’t download this file...

    Any idea to solve this problem ?
    Thank you in advance smiley
    • hi again smiley

      you know what, when i run into that kind of issue i’ve my personnal salvage solution... i put a file name chmod.php (for example) on the server with
      chmod("the/path/to/thefile.php", 0777);

      and i put that file url in my browser, problem solved...

      put the file in the assets directory for example as it is excluded from the url rewriting rules, this way you can call it simply with http://www.yoursite.com/assets/chmod.php

      hope it will help

      Have swing
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      • You are a magician !!! shocked
        Once again, thank you so much grin
        • once again, my pleasure smiley

          Have swing
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          • i have same issue, but when i call the chmod.php:

            Warning: chmod() [function.chmod]: Operation not permitted

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            • You can usually change the permissions of a file in your domain's control panel (CPanel, for example).

              Since YAMS writes the file on first run, it will be owned by whatever the user is that the .php script is run by. This is either the web server user, or the owner of the running .php script (you, or whoever uploaded MODx in the first place). If it's the web server user (www, apache, nobody or something like that) then you as your FTP user won't be able to do anything with it.

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