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  • Hi,

    I’m currently fighting with a little issue... i’ve installed a website on a subdomain like sub.mydomain.com and Yams has a strong problem with that as is insists on having www.mydomain.com as its form action root
    even hardcoding $requestURL in yams.module.mgr.class and erasing all the cache files by ftp doesn’t change this,
    neither does setting action="" in yams.module.tpl.html !!!

    the problem with this is that when you try to add a multilingual template for example it says "page not found", the same for any change you want to do in the yams admin, too bad...

    i’ll found out a way of solving this (well, i hope at least smiley) but if ever you did know a solution, it would be warmly welcome smiley

    Have swing
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    • Yes, I just ran into the same problem earlier today with a form on the subdomain dev.sottwell.com

      I got around it by coding the action as action="[~[*id*]~]"

      This was the WebLogin snippet, and its [+action+] placeholder didn’t work.
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      • Hi Susan,

        thanks for answering. Too bad, this doesn’t work... actually the problem is YAMS module form itself in the manager

        locally it founds out my virtualhost without any problem http://sub.dev/manager/index.php?a=112&id=2

        on the server, instead of http://sub.domain.com/manager/index.php?a=112&id=2
        it keeps putting http://www.domain.com/manager/index.php?a=112&id=2
        whatever i hardcode in yams.module.tpl.html form action, blank or antythig i try... what leads to a page not found on any change submit, damn it smiley

        actually, for my modules i often leave action empty as its going to be equivalent to "itself" and those work perfectly on the same server.

        Have swing
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        • found out !!!!

          actually i was tweaking a lot of files that are no more in use...
          if ever it could help anybody not loosing as much hair as i have... the solution was simply in yams.module.inc.php line 1004, just leave the form action empty and everything works like a charm, subdomain or not
          gee, it was hard to find out but well worth it smiley

          have swing
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