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  • Hy,

    i play with the good YAMS extra, and everything is fine exept my wayfinder call.

    [!Wayfinder? &language=`(yams_mname)` &startId=`0` &level=`1` &excludeDocs=`1,8,30` &rowIdPrefix=`item` &rowTpl=`menuNiv1Yams` !]

    i use a chunk for my "rowTpl" param :

      <a href="(yams_docr:[+wf.docid+])" title="[[YAMS? &get=`data` &docid=`[+wf.docid+]` &from=`pagetitle`]]" [+wf.attributes+]>[[YAMS? &get=`data` &docid=`[+wf.docid+]` &from=`pagetitle`]]</a>

    for exemple, here the result :

    <li id="item14">
      <a href="" title="The Agency" >The Agency</a>
    <li id="item15">
      <a href="" title="Services" >Services</a>

    href is empty and i don’t why, any idea ?