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  • Did anyone ever manage to get YAMS to coorporate with autotags, meaning pulling the description from the language specific introtext. Here s the code that spits that description without YAMS.

    // *** DESCR ***
    $description = $modx->documentObject['description'];
    if(!$description == ""){
       $MetaDesc = " <meta name=\"description\" content=\"$description\" />\n";
    // *** DESCRiption ***
    $introtext = $modx->documentObject['introtext'];
    if(!$introtext == ""){
       $MetaDescription = " <meta name=\"description\" content=\"$introtext\" />\n";

    Just because I like to have a single snippet do all teh work for me/us. could just use the description "TV_lang" solution. But better would be to have this automated, no?