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  • Great-Antique Reply #11, 9 years ago
    I have same problem. I can delete the language, but i can’t add or edit ones.
    Evo 1.0.4 YAMS 1.1.9

    I think I found the problem areas. When I want to add or edit the language I have a field for "Server Name", but if I fill it (insert "(site.com)") - I get an error. But if I leave the field "Server Name" blank - everything works fine.
    • I have had the same problem. Manual creation of yams.config.inc.php helped in my case.
      • YAMS is not supported anymore guys, there are other CMS’s that do multi-lingual out of the box with ease...u might consider this as a once off.
        • you need to leave the erver Nam field empty. that had caused my issue as well.