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  • Hell-o,

    I configured user friendly URLs to use document paths. This generally works.

    But: I have two documents in different branches with the same document alias. The "first" document can be opened, but the second page with the same alias cannot be found and I would be redirected to my "page not found" document.

    I don’t know wich one is the "first", in my example it is both the page I have created before the other and in the document structure, it is before the second one.

    I’m using MODx 1.0.2 with YAMS 1.1.7 alpha RC 7

    • Okay. I’ll investigate. To help me, please can you go to the language settings tab and tell me whether each of these is currently ON or OFF?

      * Language dependent server name mode.
      * Language dependent root name mode.
      * Unique multilingual aliases mode.
      * Query param mode.

      Actually, it might be easier to just post or send me a message with your yams.config.inc.php file. That way I’ll be able to reproduce your set-up exactly.


      EDIT: I can confirm that it’s a bug. I have managed to reproduce the page not found for the second document with the same alias. Attached is a fix. Please can you test it for me by using it to replace your assets/modules/yams/class/yams.class.inc.php file?

      Thank you.
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      • Sorry for answering late. I have just tested your bugfix, and it works coorectly.

        Thank you! smiley