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  • Hi,

    All of a sudden i have some problem with my YAMS back-end.
    It worked great but i prolly have changed something or deleted?
    I get a white table/div over my content and its not tabbed anymore.
    Can’t figure it out.

    Ok lol, the problem was i made some TV where i can dropdown select some swf files.
    But the tv had a map direct which was not excisting, the weird thing obout it that the back-end was focked by it.

      Best CMS eva!
    • Glad to see you found a solution.

      The cause of the back-end formatting problems is almost certainly managermanager. I had a problem with multiselect listboxes that I submitted a fix for a while ago. Perhaps it is a similar problem. If it is, then it would be good to make them aware of it on the managermanager forums.
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