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  • I begin translation file assets\modules\yams\lang\english-british.inc.php into russian-UTF8.inc.php

    and find that content doubles in


    and i can’t find how switch admin interface for my file.

    Main question is - what files I must translate? smiley
    • Hi Mikhail.

      First of all, thanks for your efforts. The




      files were the start of an attempt by me to re-write the whole module interface using a templating approach so that it can be easily translated. However, I ended up making multilingual aliases and performance improvements a higher priority and I never got around to finishing this off. Currently those files are not used by YAMS at all and they are not finalised.

      So, currently the only way of translating the module interface into Russian is to edit yams.module.inc.php directly. That’s not very satisfactory though - because you would have to merge any changes I make to the module interface into your Russian version.

      I realise that having a multilingual solution that doesn’t itself have multilingual interface is a bit poor. I am in the process of updating the documentation so that I can release a new beta. Once that is done I will make implementing a translatable module interface a priority.
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      • Well... and if I now finish translate russian-UTF8.inc.php,
        what easy for You - insert this file in future as is, or I now drag text into yams.module.inc.php.
        And You parse original and my file for something else...