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    All of my MM rules are working (though showimagetvs causes the reported bug for me, too) except for the 3 mm_changeFieldHelp rules. Has there been a syntax change for modx 1.0.5 ?

    mm_widget_showimagetvs(); // Always give a preview of Image TVs
    mm_hideFields('content', '', '7'); // Hide the content field for documents using template ID "7"
    mm_hideFields('longtitle'); // Hide the longtitle field 
    mm_renameTab('settings', 'Publication settings');
    mm_changeFieldHelp('pagetitle', 'This text will appear in the browser title bar and bookmarks'); 
    mm_changeFieldHelp('alias', 'For search-engine and user friendly urls- appears after emptybiker.com in the address bar'); 
    mm_changeFieldHelp('introtext', 'A concise and informative sentence or two that will appear in search engine results to describe the page'); 

    Any help is greatly appreciated!!

      ModX 1.0.4
      MySQL version 5.1.47-community-log
      No tables over 1MB
      Apache version 2.2.16
      PHP version 5.2.14
      Architecture x86_64
      I have windows XP SP3, Firefox 3.6.
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      I’ve just tried your 3 mm_changeFieldHelp rules and they worked fine on an install of Evo 1.0.5