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    With MM version 0.3.9 + Evo 1.0.5

    With the above versions I get this error when I go to edit a document:

    "ManagerManager: An error has occurred: TypeError - d.set is not a function" (FF & Opera)
    "ManagerManager: An error has occurred: TypeError - object doesn’t support this property or method" (IE7)
    "ManagerManager: An error has occurred: TypeError - result of expression ’d.set’ [undefined] is not a function." (Safari)

    And firebug tells me:

    "dp.value is undefined
    var dateVals = dp.value.split(’ ’); in datepicker.js (line 57)"

    Any ideas why this is happening and how to solve it?


    Server: Linux
    PHP 5.2.9
    MySQL 5.0.91
    PDO Driver for MySQL, client library version 5.0.91
    No opcode caching ( I don’t think)

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      What is the ManagerManager rule which is causing it?
        Author: ManagerManager plugin - customise your ModX manager interface

        Rckt - web development, Sheffield, UK
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        Thanks for responding, only just noticed your reply!!

        It seems to be doing what I want it to now, I think I was just making some daft error like changing the rules in a file but having an empty chunk set in the configuration field.