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  • I appended the chart to the attach file.
    • Ok guys, no offense but the installation instructions are really troublesome. I need to upgrade an existing installation. 2 webpages:
      http://www.viriko.com -English Version
      http://www.viriko.ru - Russian Version
      How do I do it? I want http://www.viriko.com to point to id2, and if a user types http://www.viriko.ru to point to id8.
      Id2 to be the default 404 page for http://www.viriko.com and id8 to be the default 404 page for http://www.viriko.ru
      How do I do it? If possible, could I get detailed, step by step instructions? Thanks!

      Problem solved, will create simple instructions for wide use..
      I managed to install the thing after a long long time... apparently my server thought www.viriko.ru/com is different to viriko.ru/com so I had to use a rewrite method to rewrite viriko.ru/com to www.viriko.ru/com
      What the problem for me was, that I didn’t get, how to set an individual ID for .ru & .com
      I tried doint it through the configuration, but the thing is the ID is stored in the db, and is in no way related to the files that were overwritten - the configuration is still shared.. how to you go around setting an individual ID per domain?
        Pure MODx sites
        Viriko.ru & Viriko.com - Multilingual and running on 1 MODx
      • Hi, Vait. I seems your site has recorded pages for two domains in same DB.

        You should duplicate DB for .ru and .com.(using the phpmyadmin etc.)

        You must duplicate the configuration file, too. And, edit One of either configurations to change new DB Connection.

        At the end, you delete pages not used at each sites.
        • unfortuantely its too much of a hassle, it would be easier just to install 2 modxs the way that you are suggesting, a much more efficient way could be used to "redirect" - can be found on the forums.
            Pure MODx sites
            Viriko.ru & Viriko.com - Multilingual and running on 1 MODx
          • Can some screenshots be posted of what this hack actually does to the manager.... it seems like a lot of work to do a trial run (setting up subdomains, etc.) for a test case and is too risky to try on an existing setup of subdomains...

            I’m assuming that since the manager files are hacked that you can manage all subdomains from one manager login???? Do you get multiple Trees? or what?

            • OK I installed the modxcms on gsm.mobieleabonnement.nl
              with all instructions of hack. But what now?
              I want next:
              on the main page mobieleabonnement.nl I want to include some pages from gsm.mobieleabonnement.nl!
              Like [!Ditto? &documents=`8` &tpl=`sidebar`!] So I want to include document 8 from gsm.mobieleabonnement.nl!
              And with this hack I thoth I could do this, without using two databases!
              Maybe install again modxcms on the mobieleabonnement.nl!
              So what do I need to do?

              • Hey, you only need a simple modx install, and should the server to redirect your subdomain.
                This hack is for having different DBs for each subdomain.
                Ditto, I suppose, doesn’t look in more DBs.
                • As I understand with MAD all subdomains begin completely become INDEPENDENT. So a subdomain corresponds a database. But how could I simply redirect, for a subdomain, the user to a subset of modx documents ?

                  e.g: http://www.subdomain.domain.com redirected on http://www.domain.com/subdomain.html with subdomain.html a friendly url for a modx document

                  I am sure the answer is somewhere in the forum, but If somebody could help me
                  I try to change the .htaccess to do that, but without success !
                  • I think that it is good that you make the plugin or snippet to acquire the resource of an external server like the RSS reader.
                    When this plug-in is used, you should think the subdomain to be an external server.