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  • After downloading and installing the ModX Resource Wizard, I get the following message when attempting to use it to install any of 17 assorted mods, plugins, or templates--all from the ModX website:

    "Evaluation of your resource.
    This does not appear to be a valid MODx Resource Wizard package."

    Searches of forums do not reveal any help in English that I was able to find.
    Environment: ModX 0.9.5 rev 2106--installed in Dec06 and not yet populated beyond install, Unix, PHP Version 4.4.4, and MySql 4.0.27.

    I would appreciate any help to resolve this problem. huh

    • You can only use MODx Resource Wizard with packages that have been specially created to work with it ... which many packages in the MODx Repository (and on the forums) haven’t been. For those that don’t work with the wizard, you’ll have to use the hands-on approach to installing them wink
        Garry Nutting
        Senior Developer
        MODX, LLC

        Email: support@modx.com
        Twitter: @garryn
        Web: modx.com
      • Thank you for your reply. I thought as much, but also tried it with the samples provided in the module download. They did not work either!

        Also of note: Version 1.8.5 of the module installed itself as version 1.7. The install script that came with the 1.8.5 download seconds the 1.7 version number. huh

        • I’ve installed the 1.8.5 version, and the install does not copy the "wizard" folder into the "assets/modules" folder as I think it should. I’ve see on the forum some 2.0.1 version.

          I’m a newbie in MODX, and I’m starting to loose patience with theses multiples forums, versions, modules, chunks, snippets, etc...

          Where is the last version of the "MODX Ressource Wizard" ?

          • MODx Resource Wizard version 2.1.0

            "[. . .] you can download it, extract it, and upload the /tpl/ folder to your MRW installation.[. . .]