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  • This is an auto-generated support/comment thread for Subsites/Subdomains.

    Use this forum to post any comments about this addition or any questions you have regarding its use.

    Brief Description:
    Add sub domain support to MODx
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    • Is there a step by step tutorial available on setting up subsites in Modx? I need to do this for a web site I am currently developing.

      Some questions, also:

      1. Can the subsites share all chunks, plugins, etc?
      2. Can subsites be set up as subdomains?
      3. Can subsites have separate navigations (ie, starting one level above site root? (root pages will be subdomain home pages, I assume...)
      4. Is the subsites plugin an official part of modx...or should I be waiting for an upcoming core release? (we are looking to implement a long term solution...I don’t want to have to redo this.)

      Thanks! : )

      • I have had a site running for over a year and a half now, using my version of multilanguage sites, and it serves quite well. It is nearly the same thing; four "root" folders, each containing the content for its language, and a cookie maintains the ID of the folder of the user’s choice, for configuring the main menu. The same Id is used for the names of various langauge files to be included as needed for shared form snippets and such.

        While it doesn’t handle the situation as "elegantly" as version 1.0 will, I have no intention of changing the site, since it works very well as it is.

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        • Susan,

          Does this work with SEF urls? Can I see your implementation...your site link please?

          One "dream" I have is say.. I am viewing the "About" page for SubSite#1, that I could easily toggle to another subsite/implementation and go to the "About" page for SubSite#2. Does your site do this?



          BTW... when is 1.0 supposed to be released? I am on the very verge of implementing modx as our long-term back end system. I want to wait for 1.0, but only if it’s release is coming soon. : )
          • The next release is 0.9.5 and we’re working hard on that. I’ve zero clue when 1.0 will be ready.
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            • I don’t give out client site urls any more; have had a couple of awkward moments when somebody sent email to the client, annoying them a great deal.

              In my implementation, I have a single-level DropMenu make up a simple menu for the main language options. When the user selects one, it sets a cookie with the document ID of that root-level folder/document (English, for example, is 1). The main menu in the left sidebar uses that value (retrieved by a snippet) to set the startDoc id for that DropMenu call. That’s all, if the user wants to go to another language, he only needs to select it from the top menu. His main menu will now be built from the document/folder he selected.
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              • If user access the site with a setuped subsite and the plugin redirects user to that page, if there is a [(site_url)] tag or some snippet uses $modx->config[’site_url’], it would return the main url and not the subsite url, correct?

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                • Quote from: vanessa19 at Aug 01, 2006, 03:16 PM

                  2. Can subsites be set up as subdomains?

                  I have a similar question but it is different (i think): Can subsites be set up to have their own domain?

                  A client of us asked if it is possible to have something like this website uses:

                  Note: clicking one of the three tabs results in entirely different url in the adres bar.

                  We would want to build something like this with only one ModX installation using this snippet. Is this possible and if it is: What limitations should we be aware of? (besides that using the [(site_url)] tag somewhere would probably be a bad idea).
                  • does it work with