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  • This is an auto-generated support/comment thread for BottomButtonBar.

    Use this forum to post any comments about this addition or any questions you have regarding its use.

    Brief Description:
    This plugin will add the complete buttonbar at the bottom of the edit screen.
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    • Great little feature but I always get an error. I’ve had this on several clean installs so something ain’t right.

      Undefined index: cancel

      Any ideas?
        modx ist rad
      • The only place where "cancel" is used as an index is to get the text of the buttons. My guess is that your language file does not have the text for "cancel" specified. MODx does some magic so that English is used when a string is not available in the user selected language. In BottomButtonBar the language is included in a way different from MODx (I didn’t know how to do it properly back then wink ).

        Your problem will probably go away if you remove the line that loads the language file and replace it with:
        global $_lang;
        • Thanks Mitch, somehow you did it!

          The only ’problem’ now is that the links are un-styled and jut up against one another.

          I wonder why I am the only one that seems to have had these problems?!

          Thanks again

          ** edit ** I’ve just copy and pasted the URLs to the other icons and it seems to have worked sweet. Am I hacking a hack? Is that the nature of MODx?!
            modx ist rad
          • I just found out that the version in the MODx Repository is not the same version as is distributed with 0.9.5, but unfortunately they both have the v1.0 number in the header. You should use the version that is distributed with 0.9.5, because some changes were done there. One of the changes is related to the Themes, which is probably your problem.

            I will submit a bugreport for the language issue you mentioned earlier and try to mark the version in the repository as obsolete.

            About the nature of MODx, it is not that you always have to hack all the plugins/snippets. This is just a few things coming together that cause some problems. Unfortunately these things can happen sad

            EDIT: I submitted FS#844 for the language problem.
            • Thanks for the bug report. I haven’t modified a thing though - I’ve had the same problems on several installs. It’s the first thing I change. Perhaps it’s something to do with my version of PHP 4.4.6 - it’s MODx 0.9.5 rev 2106

              I kinda like the ’hacking a hack’ approach.

              Thanks again

                modx ist rad