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    Hello Guys, this morning was, I found this error, please help me I do not know what to do, I already tried the solutions found on the forum,

    HELP this is my problem

    error replacing into active users! SQL: REPLACE INTO Sql212271_8.`modx_active_users` (internalKey, username, lasthit, action, id, ip) VALUES (1, ’admin’, ’3333333333’, ’2’, NULL, ’33.33.333.226’) INSERT,DELETE command denied to user ’Sql109991’@’33.333.333.33’ for table ’modx_active_users’
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      I had the same problem and I just solved it :
      Some mySql users doesn’t have all the privileges to do whatever task they want. This is why you get the "INSERT,DELETE command denied to user ’Sql109991’@’33.333.333.33’ for table ’modx_active_users’ notice.

      To solve this : check your mySql user’s "privileges" : under your hosting account, (I my case: Cpanel via OVH hosting), there is a section called "MySQL Databases" (you’ll probably find something similar on your hosting provider): click on your database name and select your mySql user : check INSERT and DELETE checkboxes. This should work then.

      good luck,

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        ok Thank’s , solved, was the mysql database with ARUBA has expired