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  • I am in the proces of completing a website for a sunday league football club and cannot find any documentation on how to add the ability to enable web users to change the password I set to one they can remember? I know I am meant to be using WebChangePwd but cannot find any template stuff, or anything to enable it.

    Any help would be gratefully received.

    • You should have WebChangePwd snippet installed, so in its simplest form all have to do is call it on a page like so:


      The default template is in assets/snippets/weblogin/webchangepwd.inc.php, but you can create your own template using the default as a guide and then you would call the snippet like this:

      [!WebChangePwd? &tpl=`valid_chunk_name`!]

      There are more options, look at the top of the snippet itself for the available params. smiley
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      • Is the default template similar to that for the weblogin, i.e. has different sections in it? Also what html input names does it require? (As you can tel, I don’t have any template for webchangepwd nor can I find one on the net - my googling skills are letting me down today.) BTW thanks for the quick reply.
        • The default template is from line 109 - 173 in assets/snippets/weblogin/webchangepwd.inc.php

          Copy the code of the default template, go into your manager and create a new chunk and paste that into the content. This will give you a base to modify to your needs. Then call your snippet using the &tpl parameter like so:

          [!WebChangePwd? &tpl=`YourChunkName`!]

          Yes, it is similar to the webogin template, it uses an <hr> to seperate the sections but you can denote your own in the first line of the template itself:

          <!-- #declare:separator <hr> -->

          change the <hr> accordingly if needed

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