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    I have checked the forum and snippet info but cannot find an answer:

    Is it possible for the site owner to get an email whenever someone signs up? Of course, the site owner can check the list of users in Manager, but my client is asking about email notification too.

    Anyone know if this is possible?

    Thanks smiley
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      Of course is possible. you can use the php mail() function, something like this:

      $to= "[email protected]";
      $subject= "A new user have been registed";
      $message= "New user!".
                "Username: ". $username
                ."E-mail: ". $email
                ."Adress: ". $adress;
      $header= "[email protected]"   
      mail($to, $subject, $message, $header);     

      You need add this code in web-signup that you use.

      If you need more help e-mail me: [email protected]

      Louis Monteiro
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        Or take a look at this posting wink