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  • Hello, i’m back with another question. I’m not that good in programming, but i’m learning more and more smiley Still i find it hard to make codes from scratch myself. I think the answer to my question is very simple, but i can’t get to it...

    After login with the WebLogin, the landing page is called "logged_in". On this page you get a message like "welcome user" and the last login date. 3 Questions about this page:

    1. I want to show the last login date of the user, is it possible?

    2. I want to show information about the last mutations on the website, like if there are new dowcuments oploaded.

    3. I also need a code that automaticly redirects to the page you came from.

    Sorry for the many questions, but i just don’t know how to begin with these things... huh