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  • http://web-kreation.com/index.php/tutorials/nice-login-and-signup-panel-using-mootools-12/

    I just ran into this tutorial while reading my feeds and thought that this could easily be adapted for WebLogin. And since it is Moo it could work with MODx easily (although the version shipped with MODx is not 1.2 yet). Anyone tried something like this before with weblogin?
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    • A little old I know, but very interesting nonetheless. I would be interested in working on something like this soon. If anyone would like to collaborate, let me know. grin
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      • I just implemented that exact mootools script with weblogin on one of my modx sites located here - http://www.vistartech.com/login-test

        It’s quite easy to do. Simply follow all of the instructions provided with the script. Where the form html code goes replace it with your call to weblogin like so:

        <div id="login">
        [!WebLogin? &tpl=`FormLogin` &loginhomeid=`67`!]

        The TPL file you specify in the weblogin call should look something like this:

        <!-- #declare:separator <hr> --> 
        		<div class="loginContent">
        			<form method="post" name="loginfrm" action="[+action+]">                 <input type="hidden" value="[+rememberme+]" name="rememberme" /> 
        				<label for="log"><b>Usernames: </b></label>
        				<input type="text" name="username" id="username" tabindex="1" onkeypress="return webLoginEnter(document.loginfrm.password);" value="[+username+]" class="field" size="23"/>
        				<label for="pwd"><b>Password:</b></label>
        				<input type="password" name="password" id="password" tabindex="2" onkeypress="return webLoginEnter(document.loginfrm.cmdweblogin);" value="" class="field" size="23" />
        				<input type="submit" value="" name="cmdweblogin" class="button_login" />
        			<div class="right">Not a member? <a href="[~5~]">Register</a> | <a href="#" onclick="webLoginShowForm(2);return false;" id="forgotpsswd">Lost your password?</a></div>
        <!-- log out hyperlink section -->
        You're already logged in<br />
        Do you wish to <a href="[+action+]" class="button">[+logouttext+]</a>?
        <!-- Password reminder form section -->
        <form name="loginreminder" method="post" action="[+action+]">
                <h3>It happens to everyone...</h3>
                <input type="hidden" name="txtpwdrem" value="0" />
                <label for="txtwebemail">Enter the email address of your account to reset your password: <input type="text" name="txtwebemail" id="txtwebemail" size="24" /></label>
                <label>To return to the login form, press the cancel button.</label>
            	<input type="submit" value="Submit" name="cmdweblogin" class="button" /> <input type="reset" value="Cancel" name="cmdcancel" onclick="webLoginShowForm(1);" class="button" style="clear:none;display:inline" />
        <div class="loginClose"><a href="#" id="closeLogin">Close Panel</a></div>

        Hope that helps!

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