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    Hi. I’m running MODx Evo 1.0.4 on a site and using WebLoginPE 1.3.1. Everything works great in FireFox, Chrome and IE8, however none of the buttons seem to be doing anything at all in IE7. For example, when trying to login the page simply refreshes to the blank login page without logging in for any user. I noticed there is a js file that I would guess attempts to fix this, however the script debugger on IE comes back with an "Object Required" error on line 40, which points to this chunk of code:
            // Loop through defined forms and push if needed -  pixelchutes
    	for (var f=0; f<theForms.length; f++)
    		if( theForms[f].id != elms[x].form.id )
    			theForms[f+1] = elms[x].form;

    I’m a novice with scripting and programming in general. Has anyone else run into and fixed this? Any help is appreciated, thanks!
    Also, if it’s relevant the server is running PHP 5.2.17 and mysql 5.0.77