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    [!WebLoginPE? &tableCheck=`0` &lang=`fr` &type=`users` &customTable=`membres` &customFields=`id,internalKey,membre_actif,membre_comite,titre,
    localite,code_canton,code_pays,email,tel_fixe,natel,fax,url_site_web` &usersList=`Membre:default:default:internalKey:ASC:internalKey(50)` !]

    I’m trying to use WebloginPE to display a unique member and I observe a problem with the filter specified in the usersList parameter.

    If we filter on internalKey(50), both records with internalKey(5) and internalKey(50) are returned.
    This also happens when adding quotes around the filter value: internalKey(’50’)

    Maybe I should rather use service "viewprofile" for &type=`profile`, but I wanted to report this.