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    I stumbled on a possible hole with blocked users and the password retrieval feature. It seems that if you’re a blocked user and if you have access to the "forgot password" page, you can essentially just reset your password and unblock yourself.

    I’m using the downloadable 1.3.1 beta 1 from the repo so I’m not sure if this has been fixed yet in the latest development version. For those looking for a fix, here’s my patch to the webloginpe.class.php:

    function ActivateUser()
    global $modx;

    $web_users = $modx->getFullTableName(’web_users’);
    $web_user_attributes = $modx->getFullTableName(’web_user_attributes’);

    $userid = $modx->db->escape($_REQUEST[’userid’]);
    $activationKey = $modx->db->escape($_REQUEST[’activationkey’]);
    $passwordKey = $modx->db->escape($_POST[’activationpassword’]);
    $newPassword = $modx->db->escape($_POST[’newpassword’]);
    $newPasswordConfirm = $modx->db->escape($_POST[’newpassword_confirm’]); // pixelchutes 1:55 AM 9/19/2007

    $findUser = "SELECT * FROM ".$web_users." WHERE id=’".$userid."’";
    $userInfo = $modx->db->query($findUser);
    $checkIfBlocked = "SELECT blocked FROM ".modx_web_user_attributes." WHERE internalKey=’".$userid."’";
    $userBlockedInfo = $modx->db->query($checkIfBlocked);

    $limit = $modx->recordCount($userInfo);

    if ($limit !==1)
    return $this->FormatMessage($this->LanguageArray[15]);

    $this->User = $modx->db->getRow($userInfo);
    list($cachePassword, $cacheKey) = explode("|",$this->User[’cachepwd’]);

    if (($passwordKey !== $cachePassword) || ($activationKey !== $cacheKey))
    return $this->FormatMessage($this->LanguageArray[16]);

    if (!empty($newPassword) && isset($newPassword) && isset($newPasswordConfirm))
    if ($newPassword === $newPasswordConfirm)
    if (md5($newPassword) === md5($modx->db->escape($newPassword)))
    if (strlen($newPassword) > 5)
    $passwordElement = "UPDATE ".$web_users." SET `password`=’".md5($modx->db->escape($newPassword))."’, cachepwd=’’ WHERE `id`=’".$this->User[’id’]."’";
    $saveMyPassword = $modx->db->query($passwordElement);

    if ($modx->db->getValue($userBlockedInfo) == 0) {

    $blocks = "UPDATE ".$web_user_attributes." SET `blocked`=’0’, `blockeduntil`=’0’ WHERE `internalKey`=’".$this->User[’id’]."’";

    } else {

    $blocks = "UPDATE ".$web_user_attributes." SET `blocked`=’1’, `blockeduntil`=’0’ WHERE `internalKey`=’".$this->User[’id’]."’";


    $unblockUser = $modx->db->query($blocks);


    Text in red is what I’ve added or changed.

    If someone can incorporate this into the latest build in a more elegant manner (if it hasn’t been fixed yet), that’d be great - I’m still learning how the innards of the MODx system works.