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    I am new to WebLoginPE and seem to not be doing very well with it. At the moment I am not able to log in to my site as a web user. What happens is that I will enter the user information and hit enter (press login button) and nothing happens. The form clears of the information I previously entered, but I remain on login page. When I manually go to user’s home page I am shown the "Not Authorized Page" I have cut and pasted the user name and password out of my file containing temp user information. The users I am trying to login as belong to a web user group, and their homepage documents belong to the resource group belonging to the user group. I have tried re assigning passwords so I am sure of the password, but so far nothing has worked.

    I do not know if this matters but, I have managed to incorporate the hack allowing a user to be redirected to the home page listed in their profile, but I am unable to test it since I am unable to login as any web user. Now I did not test this before I included the hack so I am unable to tell if I broke something while including it. However, I only swapped the hacked code with the code it was suppose to replace. If anyone has an idea as to what I might have done, or how to solve me issue. Please let me know.