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    I’m looking for a way to allow managers to add values some of the select fields in the registration template.

    I know I have to create a module to manage the values but how do I change the template or the WebLoginPe call?

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      First the disclaimer - I’ve not started using this yet but I’m about to. So the following information is just my understanding of how it works. However I’ve not implemented it yet so I could be totally wrong.

      The following is how I intend to implement it, hopefully someone with more experience of modx will correct me if I’m going wrong.

      First I created a web access group called wdgMemSec - basically anyone in this access group has the full edit rights of the membership secretary of the group.

      I then created a resource, access rights for wdgMemSec only, to list the registered users, &type=`manager`. By default this list the users, against each of which there is a button to edit or delete the profile. If you want to customize the listing then define your own format using &manageTpl=`memSecUserList` where memSecUserList is your own listing format. Pressing the edit button will present the profile for the relevant user allowing the wdgMemSec person to edit the said profile - which I understand is your question. If you want to customize the edit profile format then you can define your own style using &manageProfileTpl=

      Once I’ve set up the system for a website I’m developing then I’ll be able to confirm if this is how it works.


      Adrian Cherry

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        Thanks for the message apcherry

        I decided not to use WebLoginPE as it’s not complex enough for my needs.

        I need 2 dropdown fields the second being created(with javascript) based on the value selected in the first one. I also need to allow the managers to add values(option fields) to the select fields so I’ll need a custom module.

        I’ll use eForm for registration and profile editing. Hopefully it will work.