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    I have new clean install of modx and I just installed WobLoginPE following the instructions. I call the snippet and I get parse error "No such file or directory". I have uploaded files and renamed the folder to webloginpe and it is in assets/snippets/folder. No issues with capital letters either. I’ve reading the forum and trying to solve the issue for couple of hours now and it starts to be a bit ridiculous. Obviously I am missing something quite obvious, but I can’t just figure out what.

    Here’s where it stops: include_once MODX_BASE_PATH.’assets/snippets/webloginpe/webloginpe.class.php’;

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      Does WebLoginPE even work with evolution 1.0.3? Any experience? I really am losing hope here. I am starting to question my sanity. smiley
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        You’ve probably given up by now - but the answer is that when you unzip the download package, the webloginpe (or weblogin131 /whatever) folder itself has the wrong permissions set. I set the folder to 755 and it now works.

        Frustrating that such a trivial thing isn’t mentioned anywhere.
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