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    Hi everyone, my system event log is flooded with messages
    "Redefining already defined constructor for class WebLoginPE". I’ve tried a solution posted in this thread with wrapping webloginpe class file, but it didn’t work for me.

    I have webloginpe 1.3.2 with instances 3, I do have multiple calls of WLPE on a single page, but that’s not the case because if I leave one call on a page or assign an &id=`` to each of the calls - mistakes don’t disappear. I also use one WLPE call inside of another and removing it doesn’t help too.

    I also have PHP 5 server and the Kalender Enhanced snippet installed with an OverLib JavaScript on my website (if that’s related somehow).

    could anyone please help me? i’m thrilled cuz my MySQL database crashes once in while of being filled with 200Mb+ of errors in the event log.

    I will provide you with any kind of information you need to help me. thanks

    **SOLVED: So, when you save weblogin.class.inc.php in UTF8 format as did I, you need to save it as "UTF8 without BOM headers", so that there won’t be any double constructors sent.
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      For me not work.
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        Hello,i had the same error report.For me what fixed it was to remove this part of the code:
        function WebLoginPE($LanguageArray, $dateFormat = '%A %B %d, %Y at %I:%M %p', $UserImageSettings = '105000,100,100', $type = 'simple')
        		$this->__construct($LanguageArray, $dateFormat, $UserImageSettings, $type);

        in webloginpe.class.php, located around lines 163-166.
        Apparently,these lines were used for PHP4 compatibility. If your server runs on PHP4 however,these lines of code might be needed, so i suggest trying other solutions first.