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    My website has a sidebar where I put a webloginPE snippet:
    [!WebLoginPE? &type=`simple` &liHomeId=`9` &loHomeId=`1` &regHomeId=`6` &profileHomeID=`15`!]   

    The weblogin looks good on the left, but hitting "Profile" loads the profile form in the sidebar, not in the main content like I want.
    Document 15 has this:
    [!WebLoginPE? &type=`profile`!]

    The register button loads in the main content however.
    Am I missing something?

    Website is: http://mp3-sermons.com
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      insightdesign Reply #2, 14 years ago
      Don’t know if you solved this yet but I had the same problem. Check this link http://modxcms.com/forums/index.php/topic,51768.0.html. The problem is in the documentation where the ’D’ in ’profileHomeID’ is in caps when it should be ’Id’.
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        change to:


        there is problem with "D" it have to be lower case "d" =]

        orginal post: