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    Perfect, it works nicely. Thanks again!
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      Quote from: vhollo at Jan 18, 2009, 02:58 AM

      Guys, I just updated the svn in branch ’vhollo’ so go download and test it!

      Placeholders must work separated now.

      Hi Vhollo, is there any documentation on how to implement your code to allow multiple instance of WebLoginPE?

      I have downloaded the files and I replaced the original three php files with yours and then tried to add &id=`` to my weblogin calls to give them an ID but I still cant get my registration form to work with the login instance and the top of the page.

      The instance in the header I have &id=`header` &hide=`1` then in for the registration I have &id=`reg` &hide=`0` but its not making a difference. Where am I going wrong?

      EDIT: I just checked in the backend and the user profiles are being created but the registration page is just being refreshed, its not re directing to the regSuccess page, any ideas?

      Also if I try to create an account with the same email address the pafe just refreshes I dont get the error message sad
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        I seem to have got around the problem. In my header I just have a login or logout link depending if the user is logged in. When I was testing locally the logout button only seemed to work if I added a wlpelogin call at the top of the page. But I removed the call and the logout button and register page seem to be working.

        New problem - my reg success page is going to the wrong place, its adding another directory to the address:


        instead of:

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          Sorry to post three times in a row..

          The logout does not work in the header without the webloginPE call. (it must have been something to do with the cache when it worked earlier)

          So I need to have two instances of webloginPE on the page. Can anyone explaian Vhollos code a little better? I downaloded the three php files, replaced my existing webloginPE files with these three. Then added &id and &hide parameters to my webloginPE snippets and nothing changed.. do I need to do something else as well?


          I found a tempory solution, I created a seperate header chunk minus the WebloginPE call and placed this on the register page, so the logout button on the register page wont work, but the user will not be logged in and on the register page smiley. Its not ideal but will do for now. If anyone could give me more info on how to implement the above code I would still appreciate it!

          Another thing I noticed on the digram on this page for webloginPE: http://wiki.modxcms.com/index.php/WebLoginPE_Examples it sayd the successpage should be in the private group, is this correct? As when I register I dont automatically get logged in so when it tries to redirect to the private page I just get shown my homepage! Is this an error in the example or should I be getting automatically logged in after registration?
          • Any simple solution for this problem?

            Registration is not working on Internet Explorer!!!

            Using Evo 1.0.2 and WebloginPE 1.3.1

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              Hi PH!L and Mproject!
              I installed a fresh Evo 1.02 with the latest SVN version of WebLoginPE 1.32beta with multiple instances extension.
              It worked well in all of the following scenarios:
              - Registering in any instances with regSuccessId set;
              - Registering in Internet Explorer 8;
              - Login with &liHomeId set;
              - Logout with &loHomeId set.

              Only for testing locally (because phpMailer may not work there; it DOES register but does not redirect to the success page because of an error message) you can use the attached webloginpe.class.php file which has the error reporting lines commented.

              Don’t forget to change your snippet code in the manager! wink

              If problems still occure, please detail your WebLoginPE version and that where you downloaded it from.

              I hope you can get it working soon!
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                Oh, I just see that there’s an update on the SVN (r61) and also there is a new branch of sottwell (r50 – r59), so I have to make a diff on these to my extension and merge them into a new download.
                • Ok.... will be waiting smiley

                  Can you please test it on IE 6 and IE 7?
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                    As I think it over again, it’s not a wise way to make a ’multiple instanced’ version for EVERY brunches and trunk revisions.

                    This would be the time to say: let’s put a new release together including all the advances made by sottwell and me and the others involved in bugfixing and developing this snippet, and let’s start to develope it further from this ’milestone’ version then.

                    Quote from: Mproject at Jan 07, 2010, 10:43 PM

                    Can you please test it on IE 6 and IE 7?

                    To be honest, I think IE6 is not important already. It’s old, it’s buggy, it’s a crap. Who still uses it must be an alien.
                    Those who used IE7 are the clever ones, who actually CAN upgrade their browsers, so they ARE on IE8 already.
                    Thus, I don’t mind IE6 and IE7 usability of my websites.
                    Otherwise, WebLoginPE used to work in these browsers before.
                    • I have put one of the forms in an iFrame. That way I have solved the conflict problem smiley
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