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    After snippet sources review it seems WebLoginPE is not designed for several calls on a same page.
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      Here’s the ’wlpe131_with_instances2.zip’ which is not the final (implemented) solution but it does the majority of the job:
      - you can give an ID for each instances of WLPE
      - you can declare if the given instance will hide or show when there are more of it on the same page.

      - you are in trouble when you use ’&usersList’ parameter’
      - the placeholders are shared.

      In the branch ’vhollo’ you can find the version with fixed ’&usersList’, and soon it will be fixed (and hopefully the final version) for placeholders too. To be honest I’ve already done this but I didn’t upload it yet smiley
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        Guys, I just updated the svn in branch ’vhollo’ so go download and test it!

        Placeholders must work separated now.
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          vhollo, what goes into the ’id’ parameter? Can you name it anything or does it need to match something in the form (such as the form’s id or the name of the chunk that the form code is in?)
            Nick Hoag
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            Anything different from the other WLPE calls’ IDs like ’sidebar’, ’userlist’ etc.
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              digitalmaster Reply #16, 15 years ago
              i’m not having much success using any of these methods. It’s just to complicated and not working the way it should. Can i just use webSignUp to register my members?
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                I’m using WebLoginPE 1.3.1, and it works.

                I have a "simple" login in my side bar. There, I say [tt]&disableServices=`register,users,profile,manager`[/tt].

                I have an extra page with a registration form. As soon as I post the form, the login-form will not show any longer. But the extra registration Form works as ecpected.

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                  Hello everyone,

                  everything works fine for me, except one thing :
                  i have in my template a call for webloginpe, type simple. This call is displayed on all pages.
                  I have in a document a call for webloginpe, type profile. Every changes works, except the messages dont display.
                  I dont have success message when i change an information. When i comment out the call in the template, success messages show up, everthing is normal.
                  I use rhe modification of vhollo, i’ve set up different id for each calls.

                  Vhollo, do messages show in your multiple instance version? Do i have something to modify in templates? (include id in [+wlpe.message+] like this [+myid.wlpe.message+]?)

                  thanks for your help.
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                    Well, after some investigation I finally realized that in the second snippet-call there are NO language-variables to show in the message.
                    So you must modify the snippet code a little (and I will upload it to the svn):
                    At line ~54:
                    		include_once MODX_BASE_PATH.'assets/snippets/webloginpe/lang/'.$lang.'.php';
                    		include_once MODX_BASE_PATH.'assets/snippets/webloginpe/lang/en.php';

                    change to:
                    		if(!isset($wlpe_lang)) include MODX_BASE_PATH.'assets/snippets/webloginpe/lang/'.$lang.'.php';
                    		if(!isset($wlpe_lang)) include MODX_BASE_PATH.'assets/snippets/webloginpe/lang/en.php';

                    As you can see, I replaced include_once to a conditional include because include_once was only processed in the first snippet-call wink
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                      Thanks for your answer, i’ll try your changes, and report back.
                      In fact, after some investigation, i found that the chunk is included (i see additionnal <p> added), but not the text ([+wlpe.message.text+]), so your mod might be what i am looking for smiley