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  • Hi
    I’ve just installed the ManagerLogin snippet and, whilst it functions correctly in that it lets me login and logout of the manager from the frontend, when I click the logout link, I receive the following error message instead of being directed to site start
    « MODx Parse Error »
    MODx encountered the following error while attempting to parse the requested resource: 
    « PHP Parse Error » 
    PHP error debug 
      Error:  session_destroy(): Session object destruction failed   
      Error type/ Nr.:  Warning - 2   
      File:  D:\Domains\domain.com\wwwroot\manager\includes\document.parser.class.inc.php(769) : eval()'d code   
      Line:  145   ... (note this has also said 157 on previous attempts)
    Parser timing 
      MySQL:  0.0068 s (4 Requests) 
      PHP:  0.0865 s   
      Total:  0.0934 s   

    I notice that this snippet was written and last updated in 2005, and as I am using, wonder if that could be the problem?

    Can anyone shed any light on this for me please?


    • This snippet doesn’t function as of 0.9.6 RC1(as far as i remember) because of many updates to the default manager accountability!, so you don’t need this snippet to login to your manager account from front-end, once you login in manager, you don’t need to be logged into your manager account twice from front-end, your manager session don’t simply die! and i’m sure its because of the conflicts b/w your MODx release and this outdated snippet.
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