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    Hi I’m trying to set a site up so that the client admins just use the QM+ without having to go through the manager, it’s fantastic but there are a few important features I can’t see how to achieve - duplicating documents (saves time for clients) and deleting outdated resources.

    Any thoughts or pointers would be hugely appreciated.

    I’m running Evolution 1.0.4 and QM+

    Many thanks for the help!
    • Those are different action/processor files altogether; QM is an implementation of the resource create/edit action and processor files.
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        You can archive delete or duplicate resources with QM+ custom buttons combined with a custom snippet. Unfortunately I dont’t have working example code how to do it but basically you’ll have to make a custom button that goes to a resource page with a custom snippet (checks referer resource id and deletes / duplicates the resource).

        First, download latest QM+:

        More info in QM+ docs:

        Especially check "Custom buttons".
          Mikko Lammi, Owner at Maagit
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          Thanks Susan and Mikko,

          I like the idea of having a snippet which checks the refer resource ID and performs either duplicate, or archive delete! Unfortunately that’s beyond my level of coding. I’ll see if anyone wants to help with on the next project with a little budget.

          Anyone interested in helping with this at some point - how much would you charge?

          Many thanks

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            Oh sorry PS Archive delete is when it’s deleted but not yet purged right?