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    I could really use some help on this one. I need to figure out how a user can be set up such that the only thing they can do is edit a specific document. (Each user is paired up to a different document.)

    I tried setting up the web user and then looked at FDM. Couldn’t get edit buttons to show up (this on Evo 1.0.2). Then I thought I could make use of QuickManager, if I made the user a manager user. But it looks like they can still get into the manager (which I don’t want) and I can’t figure out how to restrict the editting to the one page they’re identified with, even though I was able to generate a flag for when they were on their on page versus not.

    I thought maybe ManagerLogin could help, but then I began to think I’m chasing my tail.

    So, does anyone have any ideas? The user is set up ahead of time, as is their initial page. Ideally I’d like them to be able to do the creation of that as well (they fill out pre-determined fields). However, since I need Wayfinder and TvTagCloud menus working - and at the moment they are working - I’m reluctant to change the structure of things.

    I’d really be grateful for pointes, sample calls, etc.

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      there is a snippet News Manager. with a full how-to description on this location: http://lucidgreen.net/modxGuides/newsManagerDocs.html, which i found at ModxCheatSheet (http://lucidgreen.net/modxGuides/newsManagerDocs.html)
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        Thanks for your reply. I think a combination of user groups, resource groups and the right settings on QuickManager will solve my problem. (I had completely missed some QM options as I focused on solving the problem in PHP...)
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          I do not know if this would help, but maybe WebLoginPE can be a solution,
          all depends what you need on each user "page"...
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