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    I’m trying to get newsmanager working. I followed the from the package page http://modxcms.com/extras/package/316 and created the two snippets NewsManager and NewsEditor and the two pages. I put the two pages under a folder. What do I need to do next? If I go to the NewsManager page I get a list like this. The NewsEditor page show the snippet code on the page.

    Newsmanager page

    [!NewsManager? &folder=`9` &editformid=`11`!]

    NewsEditor page

    [ !NewsEditor &folder=`9` &postid=`10`! ]

    I did a search of the forums for newsmanager and tried reading all the post. I did see mention of NewsPublisher. I don’t know if this is part of the same but I did create a NewsPublisher snippet v1.4. I also create a new page Newspublisher and followed the same syntax and have this on that page: [!NewsPublisher? &folder=`9’ &makefolder=`1`!].

    I seem to be missing something. I need a page on the front end that shows the news listings and a page on the backend/or logged in a manager where I actually create/edit/publish the listings.

    Thanks for any help,

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      I’m not 100% sure about this, but did you put the <?php ?> in the snippet call? I know if the 1.0 and later Evo versions there was some switching back and forth between which versions supported tags inside the snippet coding and which didn’t.

      I’m not an expert on this, but just thought it was strange that the code would just be getting generated on your page as content. Sounds like the server isn’t recognizing it as PHP when it generates the page.

      I put the two pages under a folder.

      I don’t think that you’re supposed to have all of the NewsEditor and Manager under a parent container. I think there is one container with blog posts, one doc (not a child) as NewsManager, and one doc (not a child) as the NewsEditor.

      Here’s what the documentation says. It’s not totally clear, but...

      * Make a folder which will serve as container for all you posts. Let’s assume that it has the id 10.
      * Make a document with the NewsManager snippet: [!NewsManager? &folder=`10` !]. Let’s assume that is has the id 11.
      * Make a document with the NewsEditor snippet: [!NewsEditor? &folder=’10’ &postid=`11` !]. Let’s assume that is has the id 12.
      * Edit the NewsManager snippet to be: [!NewsManager? &folder=`11` &editformid=`12` !].
      * Add a link after the NewsManager: <a href="[~12~]">Create new post.</a>.