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  • Hi everybody!
    I need some help with comment moderation... I’m going crazy! grin

    Let me explain:
    I have MODx Evolution 1.0.5 with Jot 1.1.4, pages are not cached, I have FriendlyURLs and my Jot call, included in {{comment}} chunk, is:

    [[Jot? &captcha=`2` &moderated=`1` &customfields=`name,email` &validate=`name:Please enter your name,email:Please enter a valid e-mail address.:email` &pagination=`5`]]

    It seems to work fine but when I try to edit or delete a comment, the page begins to reload and doesn’t stop untill I clear Firefox cache and cookies and I reload the page (obviously no changes are made).
    If I don’t clear Firefox cache&cookies I can’t visit any page of site, it seems busy doing something...but what? huh

    Please help me, I can’t understand what is the problem and I’m thinking about dropping MODx, but it would be a sad solution because I love MODx!!


    Some additional info:
    - web site: http://www.ortodicarta.eu/blog/uovo-nuovo/
    - Server Apache
    - PHP5

    "Sorry for my English" smiley

    • Hi,
      I think that this issue depends on the browser (Firefox 4) so I try to edit a comment with Safari 5.0.5 and everything works fine.
      Do you think I should reinstall the previous version of Firefox?