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  • I have a Ditto blog container that holds the blog entries (childs).
    This call in the Ditto blog container:
    [[Ditto? &parents=`2` &paginate=`1` &display=`7` &tpl=`tpl_nyhet` &paginateAlwaysShowLinks= `1`]]

    This is tpl_nyhet chunk:
    <div id="aktbg">
    <div id="akttitle"><div class="akt">[+title+]</div><div class="aktdate"> [+date+]</div>
    [+phx:if=`[+namn+]`:isnt=``:then=`<div class="aktnamn">Av: [+namn+]</div>`:else=``:strip+]</div>
    <div id="galleryDiv">
    <div class="videothumbs">

    This is {{jotcall}} chunk:
    [[Jot? &docid=`[+id+]` &placeholders=`1` &output=`0` &pagination=`2` &tplComments=`aktComments` &cssFile=`jot.css`]]
    <div class="comments">

    The Ditto blog works as expected and the Jot comments almost work except when i comment on either latest or second blog entry. The comment shows up in both first and second blog entry. If i comment on third or under, everything works.
    Just checked the source code of the blog page in a web browser, and saw that the first and second blog entry Jot form have the same id, the rest have unique ids. Why is that? They all use the same templates.
    UPDATE 2:
    It has something to do with placeholders...everything works if i remove this:
    &placeholders=`1` &output=`0`

    and this:

    from {{jotcall}} chunk.
    Very strange....