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  • I was inspired by Jasons arguments in the 5000 document limit thread. Basically he warned to make a MODx document for everything, especially for plain data.

    So instead I will use one single MODx document to display external ’documents’ from a custom catalog table. I will introduce a second GET parameter to identify my external ’document’ like so:


    Where id is a MODx document and "fetch" identifies which record to fetch from my custom database.

    So I am new to Jot and I have an idea that might be a little bit crazy. What I want to do is use JOT to comment on my external ’documents’. I understand that to use JOT you need to pass a docid argument which identifies a MODx document (the article that is being commented). My MODx document however is always the same, only ’fetch’ changes. Would i break JOT if I’d pass it my ’fetch’ id instead?
    • Jot snippet already has feature for resolving this issue. Apart from docid parameter (identifying the MODx document that the comment is attached to) it also has additional tagid parameter -- used in the situation when you need to call (and distinguish) two or more Jot’s instances on the same MODx document. You can read about Jot’s parameters here http://wiki.modxcms.com/index.php/Jot#Parameters

      I think that you should try something of this kind:
      [[Jot? &docid=`111` &tagid=`your-fetch-value` ... ]]

      where 111 is MODx document used for displaying your "external documents" and "your-fetch-value" is an id of your "external document" itself. All comments will be attached to single MODx document, but through tagid you will be able to select/filter only those comments that belong to the specific "external document" currently being displayed by your MODx 111 document.
      • Cool, that’s exactly what I need! I wasn’t so sure about what the tagid does. Thanks!