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  • Hi,

    i’m trying to do something that doesn’t seem to work.

    I’d like to create a page to manage all jot comments. In this page i call jot with the docid of the page concerned by the comments adding (&docid=`xxx`) this, thanks to a snippet that retrieves that docid from an url get var
    it works, well, it writes the docid in the jot call, but this doesn’t overwrite jot native docid which is the document id (i can see it in the db in the uparent field) it means that whichever page i come from to post and read the comments, i can see all the comments

    does that mean that jot must absolutely be call, at least for posting, inside the page i want the comments to be related with ?

    thanks for your answers, i really can’t find out the solution

    (i can’t see a parent placeholder and, then, the parent hidden field in the form that contains [+form.field.parent+] stays empty whatever i try...)
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    • hi all,

      solved... the problem came from the snippet call in a chunk, as it has to be cached, jot was "a bit" fuzzed
      doing the same, but calling Jot with runSnippet from another snippet it works like a charm, now, i’ve only one page managing all my comments, called in the parent page with a get var in the link

      Have swing
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