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  • Hi,

    i’ve just found out why, while in modx wiki it’s said
    &canmoderate yes (comma delimited web groups) Comma delimited web groups that can moderate comments.
    Leave blank for no webuser moderation (=moderation by using manager account).
    this doesn’t work (if left blank, manager account doesn’t receive the expected mail)

    The guilty line is here, line 692 in jot.class.inc.php
    $moderators = $this->getMembersOfWebGroup($this->config["permissions"]["moderate"]);

    and, above, line 139
    $this->isModerator = $this->config["moderation"]["enabled"] = intval($modx->isMemberOfWebGroup($this->config["permissions"]["moderate"] ) || $modx->checkSession());

    that means that if $canmoderate is left blank, nobody will be notified by email (well, as far as moderation is concerned)

    this may help some of us stop loosing hair smiley

    i’m going to see where i can find out the manager account array in modx (evolution) and overwrite line 192 saying that if $this->config["permission"]["moderate"] is empty, $moderators = the manager(s) account array (must be something like $modx->ismanager... smiley but i don’t know yet, back as soon as i find that out)

    hope it’ll help

    have swing
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