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  • With MODx Revolution alpha released to the community just now i would like to announce the following:

    The bad

    The current version of Jot will not work in 0.9.7.
    I also will not respond to any problems related to the use of Jot 1.x in MODx 0.9.7 alpha.

    The good

    Jot 2.0.0 alpha is on his way.
    Harvesting the power of the new framework and delivering all the current features and more.
    Your wishes have been reviewed and, in most cases, will be implemented in one way or the other.
    But... don’t expect a fully working feature set on this first release (as the ’alpha’ already should imply).

    The promise

    I hope, and i say this very carefully, to have the alpha ready before the start of next week.
    Having set this public deadline now i will probably invest some more time into development the next couple of days tongue

    Will be released when it’s done wink I’m also developing a complete reusable toolset that will really speed up future projects.
      Armand Pondman
      MODx Coding Team
      :: Jot :: PHx
    • Great news Armand.
      • Totally missed my personal deadline (thanks to the nice weather and Mario Kart Wii... my apologies) but i’m making good progress.. currently i’m finishing the new experimental form generator/processor and shaping up all the different elements for packaging.
          Armand Pondman
          MODx Coding Team
          :: Jot :: PHx
        • Thanks for the update smiley

          I didn’t expect Jot to be ported so fast to 0.9.7 alpha anyway and that’s just great !
          Can’t wait to test it out grin
            .: COO - Commerce Guys - Community Driven Innovation :.

            MODx est l'outil id
          • I’m loving this snippit.

            Please do keep it updated!
            • Hi

              anynews on MODx revo package of JOT?

              PS: JOT is good!
                modx and ecommerce pro
              • No Jot for MODx Revolution.
                BTW, Quip is way better. You should give it a try.
                • BTW, Quip is way better. You should give it a try.

                  Except for all the sites that already use Jot on Evo.
                  Yeah sure go develop a Jot for Revo yourself if you don't like it is the standard rebuttal.