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  • As i’m currenty too busy in the world of MODx Revolution (and Jot 2.x) i would like to ask for the help of the community in maintaining the Jot 1.x branch. I personally would like to focus on the next generation of modx components. I currently don’t have the time to work on two seperate branches, as you probably noticed already by the lack of updates. As you read this forum however you can see several people releasing patches and/or complete updates to the last official jot version that take away bugs or add features that are most wanted by the community. I would like to bundle these patches/features and revive the Jot 1.x branch. I’m looking for someone to take the lead in these new Jot 1.x releases. Drop me a pm or reply if you are interested grin
      Armand Pondman
      MODx Coding Team
      :: Jot :: PHx