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  • I’ve got Jot 1.0.1 on MODx 0.9.5 working fine including moderation through the website - so far so good. What i can’t get it to do is to notify me by email when new comments are posted. I haven’t set any user groups up as there will only be myself as admin moderating and I’ve set my email address in the back end. My call to jot is as follows:

    [[Jot? &placeholders=`1` &output=`0` &numdir=`0` &moderated=`1` &notify=`2` &css=`0` &sortby=`createdon:a` &subscribe=`1` &validate=`email:Email address not valid. Sort it out.:email,name:A name is required.` &customfields=`name,website,email` ]]

    Any thoughts anyone?
    • Hi Leezig,

      I think you have to create a webgroup to receive notifications :

      a manager account won’t receive notifications. You have to create a webgroup with a webuser that acts as the moderator.

      (See Jot Doc on the wiki)
      • Thanks Perrine, that’s done it - I was getting confused by the following (also from the wiki):

        Leave blank for no webuser moderation (=moderation by using manager account).
        • Can someone please provide a working example. Somehow I just don’t get how to set this up. I have a group and a web user to moderate, but when I do a test, that web user does not receive an e-mail... I wish wiki would show actual working examples!

          [!Jot? &canedit=`Site Admins` &canmoderate=`Site Admins` &subscribe=`1` &placeholders=`1` &output=`0` &pagination=`30` &badwords=`{{CommentBadWords}}` &bw=`1` &customfields=`name,email` &sortby=`createdon:d` &trusted=`Site Admins` &notify=`2`!]
          • Does anyone have a working example of Jot sending notification emails to a user or group when comments have been submitted?
            • @tayo1578. This works for me:
              [[Jot? &tplForm=`mgJotFormTpl` &tagid=`(yams_id)` &subscribe=`0` &tagid=`[+maxigallery.picture.id+]` &pagination=`10` &badwords=`{{MyBadwordsChunk}}` &customfields=`name,email` &moderated=`1` &canmoderate=`wugJotModerator`  &trusted=`Jot Trusted Users` &css=`0` &captcha=`1` &validate=`name:The name field is empty.,email: Not a valid e-mail address.:email,content: You forgot to enter a comment.`]]

              I had to create a web group wugJotModerator, a web user (myself, with my email) and add it to the web group wugJotModerator.
              Testing it while logged in didn't send the mail, but logged off the site and writyng the comment as anonimous user I got the mail.
              hope this help.
              (Modx Evo, jot 1.1.4)
                MODx evo 1.5~1.6 ✪ Apache v 2.2.22 ✪ PHP v 5.3.10 ✪ MySQL v 5.1.61